Level Up Casino Login

Getting login into a LevelUp account is as easy. Here's how a player does it:
1. They head over to the LevelUp Casino website and look for the big, shiny "Log In" button. Can't miss it!
2. They type in the email and password they used when they signed up. 
3. You're in! This is where you can browse for all the excellent pokies, check the appearance of your account and deal with the dough.

Uh-oh, did you forget your password? No biggie! All you have to do is to click on the “Forgot Password” button on the Level Up casino Australia login interface and then proceed to the next steps.

Registration Process

Let the good times roll! Getting started at LevelUp Casino

  1. A player hits that big, juicy "Register" button on the LevelUp website. It's practically calling your name!
  2. Oh, it’s time for someone to speak out, a player to blow the whistle! You type in your email, come up with a password that'll keep even your nosy neighbour guessing, and pick your favourite money-maker (a.k.a. currency).
  3. Next, you check a few boxes. You pinky-promise you're old enough to join the fun, give the A-OK for LevelUp to slide into your inbox with some sweet deals, and drop your name, and birthday date.
  4. Almost at the finish line! A player just needs to let LevelUp know where to send their winnings (wink, wink) by typing in your address.

That is it, your LevelUp new account is all set for you to log in. Now comes the crucial part – the amount of money to begin with.

Level Up casino registration form

LevelUp's KYC Process: Thing that Every Aussie Players Need to Know

However, to ensure there are no trickery in the game, Australian LevelUp Casino has a Know Your Customer (KYC) policy. Here is a list of what you might be required to supply:

  • Proof of Identity: Normally, one is required to produce your identity document for instance the driving permit or the passport.
  • Address Verification: Documents such as the recent electricity bill or water bill or even the recent bank statement should in an ideal world be enough to prove residence.
  • Payment Ownership Confirmation: To ensure everything is legal and can be traced, the players might require to prove they are the rightful owners of the payment methods which were used to fund or cash out.
  • Snapshot with ID: Rarely, to make sure it’s really you, LevelUp might ask you to take a photo of yourself near your ID and send it.
  • Video or Phone Confirmation: At times you could be requested to have a brief chat over the video call or a phone call to check up and see if everything is alright.
  • Crypto Withdrawals Without KYC: If you will be utilising cryptocurrencies, then that is a good thing! You can withdraw your winnings without any problems and without going through the process of identification of a person.
KYC Aspect Requirements
Account Verification Triggers - Withdrawals in the total amount of $2,000 or its equivalent (including cryptocurrencies).
- Use of 2 or more payment systems for deposits/withdrawals.
Mandatory KYC Docs - Photo of player's valid ID.
- Proof of payment option used for deposit (except for cryptocurrency deposits).
Optional KYC Docs - Proof of address (e.g., utility bill).
- Selfie with ID
- Selfie with special note or conditions.
- Source of funds (SOF) and/or Source of wealth (SOW).
Withdrawal - process via the same payment method that was used for the deposit.
- Withdrawals of the cryptocurrency can only be done to the cryptowallets.
- Fiat money deposits can only be withdrawn to fiat payment options.
Prohibited Practices - Use of 3rd party payment accounts.
- Using ‘Gifts’ or positive Balance Corrections without an approval from the management.
Funds Confiscation - Has to state the exact reason and have to provide the exact clause from the Terms and Conditions.
- Both rule and reason must be posted in 'Change balance' section.

Final Note: The KYC process helps maintain and sustain LevelUp Casino as one of the favourite places for all the online players. It is appreciated that you are fully cooperating and guaranteeing the safety of all the persons.

Terms of Use

Security of a player’s information and his wins is considered very seriously at LevelUp Casino. That is why we have a few significant guidelines (do not worry; crypto withdrawals are considerably less difficult!). Here's why they matter:

  • No Account Whoring! A player can only have one proper legit account. If LevelUp learns that someone is trying to do a switcheroo, support can freeze all those accounts (and goodbye, possible winnings). Oh, it’s for your own good, the player’s good!
  • The Level Up casino login details should remain a Secret: Players should not even share their Level UP login details with their best friend or with their pet dingo even if the dingo looks so pathetic. This makes certain that only the actual owner of the winnings can get to them and play in a way that is responsible.
  • Proof of ID Might Be Needed: It is possible that LevelUp may at some time require the identity of a player and may require that the player present identification or maybe call the player to confirm his/her identity.
  • Unverified Accounts Get a Breather: If for whatever reason a players account cannot be resolved within the two week time period of a withdrawal request the account might get placed on hold for awhile. LevelUp will attempt to shout the first word of the message to the player, of course.

The Main Idea. These rules are not going to be a real pain in the neck, they are put in place to ensure that LevelUp is as safe as possible and as fair as possible for everyone involved. It is as if it is a teamwork to make sure that the gaming experience being offered is the best.

LevelUp Login and Sign Up FAQ

Can I register multiple accounts at the LevelUp casino?

No, one is not allowed to sign up to LevelUp Casino with multiple accounts at a time. Any attempt to open multiple accounts is prohibited and such accounts plus the money that has been deposited will be closed immediately.

LevelUp has this regulation to curb cases of bonus exploitation and other unlawful activities. To detect fake users, we use state of the art methods. Regarding the choice of the number of accounts, you are should to work with one account to minimize the risks that can be associated with membership and money.

Why can't I log in to my Level Up casino account?

Below are some of the possible causes of the problem that you may be experiencing in logging in to your LevelUp Casino account:

  • Either the email or the password was typed in wrong. Double-check your casino login credentials.

  • The caps lock key might be on, hence you type the wrong password.

  • One of the reasons of lock the account is the attempts of entering wrong password and log into the account many times. Contact support.

  • Technical issues with the LevelUp website. Try again later or contact support.

With regard to LevelUP login username and password, what should I do if I have forgotten them?

If you have any problems with the login and have forgotten your password at LevelUp Casino.

  1. To recover lost password, user need to go the actual LevelUp Casino login page and click on "Forgot your password?"

  2. Please input the e-mail address that you use on the LevelUp site for signing in.

  3. LevelUp will then give you an email with a link through which you will set your new password.

  4. In the email, you will be redirected to reset the new password once you have clicked the link of the LevelUp website.

If for some reason you no longer have access to the email that is tied to your LevelUp account, you can contact LevelUp’s customer support department to help you.

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