Level Up Casino Login

All right, are you ready to go for LevelUp now? Here's how to jump into the games:
1. The LevelUp Casino website: Get that you need to look for the ‘That Button’ in the website. Which ‘Register’ button will be almost begging to be pushed.
2. Fundamentals: A player enters his/her email, sets a password even the canine would not decipher, and selects the most suitable method of receiving winnings.
3. Everything Must Be Ticked: Here you should make sure that you are old enough for the play, and approve those bonus options, type your name and your birthday, and phone number.

LevelUp's KYC Safety Check: What You Might Need to Show

LevelUp Casino does not allow its customers to engage in unfair competitions and wants all participants to have a good time. That is why they have a check-up referred to as KYC or Know Your Customer in some circles.

Here's what you might need to show them:

  • Prove You're Really You: Perhaps, you will need to present an ID card, which adults have, for example, a passport or a driving license. This assists in making sure that raccoons do not sneak in an attempt to play within LevelUp!.
  • Where You Live: A bill or letter with your address will do the job in proving that you are a real person with a real house.
  • How You Get Paid: LevelUp might ask you to demonstrate how you acquire and spend money in the event of a win to ensure all the necessary precautions are made.
  • Smile for the Camera (With Your ID!): At times they may request for a selfie of your with your ID. Well, do not be bothered you do not have to look perfect out there.
  • Sometimes They Might Call: In a very few cases, LevelUp may wish to call or use video to check that every is fine.

Remember: So, this whole check-up thing is aimed at making sure that LevelUp Casino remains entertaining and secure for everybody. Aiding them out is very kind of you!

Terms of Use

LevelUp wants everyone’s games to be fair and for players to be safe. That is why they have some basic rules, (other than if you are using cryptocurrencies, that is much simpler). Here's the lowdown:

  • One Player, One Team: You can’t be on one team and another team at the same time, and the same applies to LevelUp. LevelUp may have to pause your account out if they hear that you are trying to be in two teams at the same time.
  • Your Password, Your Secret: Passwords should never be shared with anyone not even with your best friend or your pet dog. This ensures only you can have access to those great rewards that you get.
  • Sometimes You Gotta Prove It's You: LevelUp could request to verify your identity like in real life or even request you wave in a video call. Oh don’t worry, they are just checking if no bad guys are attempting to take your place!

If LevelUp are not sure about ypopur identity then they may have to pause your game for sometime. But do not worry, they will attempt to locate you first.

The Whole Point of the Rules: These rules ensure that all activities carried out at LevelUp are fair and as exciting as they should be to everybody. It is still rule-breakers that help to make the games really fun and to follow the rules.

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